We are firm believers that artistic integrity and commercial viability are NOT mutually exclusive; we work with in-house production teams and a network of collaborators to help our artists find the balance and become the most licensable versions of themselves.

Pre Production

Those voice-memos aren’t going to turn themselves into fully finished songs; we can help.  We also know what works – not every artist song is an ideal licensing song; we can A&R your catalog on a granular level to determine which of those 167 songs you want to produce first.


Our thing: pairing talent with technology. We combine the live musicianship of our diverse pool of pro players with state of the art plug-ins and software, to create a unique and dynamic hybrid recording.  All project sizes, genres & styles welcome.

Post Production

We work closely with the commercial music house, Gratitude Sound, and are constantly looking to pair emerging talent with relevant campaigns.  We also work with licensing companies and directly with music buyers for film & TV to provide our artists with a host of placement opportunities

Recent Work


Darkbloom Productions is operated in Los Angeles by writer/producer, Scott Feldman with the help of some of the finest collaborators in town.

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